Franchised Automobile Dealer Open Lot Inventory Insurance in Honolulu

Monoline auto physical damage coverage is available for vehicles that are owned by franchised dealers, including new and used inventory, vehicles held for consignment, demonstrators, furnished autos, shop rentals, and hired vehicles.

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Coverage: Excess and surplus lines carrier with A.M. Best ratings of A (Excellent) Category Size XV (15, the largest category).
Includes comprehensive, collision, flood, earthquake and most other causes of loss
Competitive Wind/Hail deductible aggregates available
Applicable flood and earthquake sublimit
Quick turnaround on quotes
Deposit & Monthly Payments
Monthly reporting of values
Livegenic® claims handling for most losses
Policy Sublimit
Maximum Per Vehicle
False Pretense
$100,000 per occurrence
$200,000 annual aggregate
Parts % and Labor %
75% for Parts / 90% for Labor
Economic Loss Collision
Up to $2,500 per vehicle
Weather Deductible
Per car/aggregate options available for most dealers
Spot Delivery
Government Confiscation

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diversified dealer franchised automobile dealer open lot inventory insurance in honolulu

Franchised Automotive Dealership

time in business franchised automobile dealer open lot inventory insurance in honolulu

Risk must have at least 3 years in business

online application franchised automobile dealer open lot inventory insurance in honolulu

Completed Diversified Dealer Open Lot online application

loss runs franchised automobile dealer open lot inventory insurance in honolulu

Loss runs (4 years)


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